MS Coursework Requirements

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Pre-Program Requirements

ORE offers a graduate program and relies on the students' undergraduate education to fulfill the pre-program requirements that include

  1. a general education component including economics, management, and humanities;
  2. one year (32 credits) of college level mathematics and basic science; and
  3. one and one-half years (48 credits) of basic engineering science and design.

These requirements cannot be satisfied with graduate-level courses. Students with undergraduate engineering degrees normally satisfy these requirements and can directly proceed to the graduate-level ORE program. Students with undergraduate degrees other than engineering will be required to make up deficiencies in basic engineering courses including

and elective courses in the following subjects depending on the student's intended option area in the department:

TThe Graduate Chair, in the consultation with the academic advisor, may waive the requirement for one or more of the pre-program courses provided that the majority of the course content is taken by the student during their undergraduate studies

Coursework Requirement

The ORE MS graduate program includes a 12-credit core that covers:

The minimum required grade for the prerequisites of the 4 core courses in the department is B-.

All students must also take the 1-credit ORE 792 Seminar by attending 15 seminars that are related to ocean and resources engineering.

Additional course requirements: MS program

The MS program also requires a set of option-area courses to be completed. In consultation with their academic advisor, students select a 12-credit course of study in coastal, offshore, ocean resources, or oceanographic engineering, or an interdisciplinary course of study. The course requirements for these option areas are listed below. Enrollment of ORE students in classes in departments other than ORE depends on the availability of the class and is subject to the approval of the Chair of the relevant department if a major override is needed.

Coastal engineering (12 credits)

Offshore engineering (12 credits)

Ocean Resources engineering (12 Credits)

Oceanographic engineering (12 Credits)

Interdisciplinary study (12 Credits)

MS students round out their studies with 6 credits following one of the following plans:

Other Courses Offered by the Department

Although the UH Graduate Division requires a minimum of 30 credits for graduation, most students take more than the required minimum, averaging around 33 credits. Students are encouraged to take courses in other option areas as electives. In addition, the department offers the following electives:

Other departments offer a number of courses relevant to ORE. These courses are approved on an individual basis as electives by the academic advisor.

To facilitate course selection and planning, please consult the ORE 5 Year Teaching Plan.

Visit the UH Manoa online course catalog for descriptions of the courses.

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